Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

Outstanding Catholic School(Nov 2015
Diocese of Clifton)

Class Assembly Mass Dates 2018-2019


21st September - Feast of Holy Cross 9.15am

30th November - Advent Service 9.15am

21st December - Christmas Mass 9.15

11th January - Epiphany Mass 9.15am

6th March - Ash Wednesday 9.15am

5th April - Crown 4 Christ 9.15am

7th June - Pentecost Mass 9.15am

28th June - Peter & Paul Mass 9.15am

23rd July - End of Year Mass 9.15am


Chaplaincy Day

A lovely day was had by all when the Chaplaincy team visited the beautiful Downside Abbey. Six new members of the team received badges from Bishop Declan to show their commitment to the continuing development of the role of Chaplains in the school. All the children showed great enthusiasm and behaviour during the ceremony. A big thank you to all the children of the Chaplaincy team and Mrs Norris and Mrs Coacci for their hard work this term.