Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

Outstanding Catholic School(Nov 2015
Diocese of Clifton)

Special Educational Needs

Local Authorities are required to publish a Local Offer. This will provide up to date information about the services and support that children with SEN can access in their local area. Schools will need to publish their School Offer with details of their provision for SEN, which will then be linked to the Local Authority website. 

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All teachers automatically provide for a wide range of needs in their classrooms and we believe that the achievements of all children should be celebrated. Ofsted recognised the work that is done in school for children with special educational needs.


"Leadership of special educational needs is strong. Additional funding is used effectively. The special educational needs leader provides effective support and guidance to staff. Consequently, pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities make good progress from their starting points." Ofsted May 2017 

" ... because leaders identify their needs clearly and teaching assistants have been trained well to provide good support."  Ofsted May 2017


Children with special educational needs who are on School Action or School Action Plus will have Individual Education Plans (IEPs) prepared by the teaching staff in consultation with the Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) and the parents/carers of the child. These IEPs include targets for the child and a resume of how the child will be helped to achieve those targets. Members of the teaching staff are skilled and experienced in detecting pupils with special needs and differentiating work for those children within the classroom.

Staff are well supported by a trained and experienced SENCO. If a child joins the school mid year their work is assessed by the class teacher. If it is felt that they may need more specialist or focused help, then the teacher with responsibility for Special Needs is consulted and the matter will be discussed with parents/carers. Some special needs support and some special needs teaching is funded by the school and children may be withdrawn from class for such teaching if this is felt appropriate. Teaching Assistants are timetabled to work with children in the classroom giving support to those whose needs have been identified. If more specialist help is required the Headteacher is consulted and, after discussion with the parents/carers of the child concerned, advice and help is requested from the specialist services of the Local Authority. Regular reviews of the progress of children with special needs are carried out with the parents/carers, the SENCO and the teacher. Copies detailing the school’s SEN policy are available on the school website or by request.