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Children's Work

Year 3 Parents Visit

It was wonderful to welcome Year 3 Willow class parents into the classroom, so that they could see the work that their children had been doing in DT linked with Science and Art. In DT the children had stitched book bags that were bright and had retro reflective material ironed onto them, to make them really visible in the dark. In Art, the children studied a Whitby local artist and they created collage work in her style. Thank you to all those that were able to come in, it was lovely to see you.

Year 2 school trip to the SS Great Britain

Year 2 Trip

Year 3 – Art

This term, year 3 have learnt about coasts in Geography so, in our art work we created a collage on coasts by looking at the artist Bridgit Wilkinson who is a painter and mixed media artist . She lives on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors National park in the seaside town of Whitby and her paintings were inspired by the place she lives in. Living in such a beautiful place gave Bridget the ideas and inspirations for her paintings, creating bold, colourful works, in her own unique style. Our very talented children in year 3 have tried to replicate the collages in the style of Bridget Wilkinson. Here are some pictures of children at work and their final pieces of art. Well done year 3!

Year 4 - Rainforest Dioramas

Do you know the different layers of the rainforest? The children in Year 4 Larch class do. For our DT project this term, the children have been designing their own rainforest dioramas using shoeboxes, tissue paper, card, plastic figurines and other creative resources to show the different layers. Thank you to all parents who visited the class to see the end results, the children were so proud!

Year 3 – DT – Sewing

This term, in Science, the children in year 3 have learnt about light and conducted experiments using different coloured materials (both dark and light colours) to see which colours can be seen easily in the dark. After performing their experiment children found out that light colours show better in the dark . They also looked at road signs and how they can be seen clearly by drivers due to the retro reflective material. Our science topic on light motivated our year 3 students to design a book bag and carefully consider what colours they will choose for their book bag. They also used retro reflective strips on their book bag to make sure their bags are seen by drivers in the dark. When sewing their bags, children learnt to secure the bag using a whip stitch. They also learnt to attach a handle and a button. Not just that, they even challenged themselves by stitching cut outs (birds, hearts, butterflies etc) onto their bags to make their bags look pretty. Here are some pictures of children at work and of their end product. Well done year 3!!

Indian Dance Club

Children from our Indian Dance Club performed at a dance festival at the Wyvern Theatre. The girls who performed did so brilliantly and were a credit to themselves and the school.

Year 4 - DT Lantern Making

This term, in science, the children in year 4 have been learning about electricity and how to make a complete circuit that can turn on a bulb. In DT, the children were asked to design a lantern. The children had to also create a circuit that could turn their lantern on and off with a switch. Here are some of the end results. Well done year 4.

Year 4- Rainforest Posters

This term the children in year 4 have been researching the different rainforests around the world. The children were tasked to find out information, using Ipads, on a specific part of the rainforest and to then produce a poster on their findings. I am sure you can all agree how hard they have worked and how great the posters are. Well done.

Year 4 - Blue Shading

In Art this term, we have looked at making different shades of blue using black, white and green. We have also experimented in making paint thinner and thicker using water and PVA glue. Here are our amazing water paintings.

Year 2 - Biscuits

Year 2 have been looking at biscuits in their D.T this term. We have enjoyed tasting different biscuits, designing our own biscuits, making our biscuits and eating them too!

Year 5 - Diversity

This term, year 5 have been lucky enough to have weekly PSHE lessons with Brad from STFC.

They have been discussing diversity and how we can, individually and as a community, say NO to racism. They have also designed posters- one of which will be chosen to be turned into a banner and be displayed at STFC! Aren’t they brilliant?

Year 1

Year 1 were learning about using different sources to research information about toys in the past. They had a visitor in school to talk about toys 70 years ago.

Christmas Dinner Day

Year 2 really enjoyed Christmas dinner day. We made hats, Christmas cards and did lots of other crafts. The best part was definitely the Christmas dinner!

Beech Class

The children in Beech class enjoyed visiting the new library for the first time.
We shared our books with each other and then Mrs Coacci read us a new story.

Year 3

In their History lessons, the year 3 children produced questions to ask Howard Carter, the finder of Tutankhamun’s tomb, about his discoveries.

The lesson’s skill development focuses were questioning and observing artefacts.

Ash Class

Children in Ash class have been busy at work this term.

Ash Class

Parents from Ash class joined the class for the morning Stay and Play session.

Year 2 - Beech class

Children in Year 2, Beech class, have been learning about the meaning and significance of the advent wreath.

Year 2 - Beech class

Children in Year 2, Beech class, have completed some shared learning and researching facts about London.

Year 1

The children in Year 1 have been exploring texture and pattern in their Art lessons.

Year 4 - Romans

The Roman Armies from Year 4 show off their battle formation the Testudo (tortoise) and Hazel class were then busy making Roman mosaics.

Year 5 Aspen class - Zacchaeus' Story, Luke 19:1-10

As a class, we are focusing on God’s calling to us and discussing how he created us to love and be loved.

Year 4 Larch Class - Poetry Lesson

In our poetry lesson this week, we have listened to the ‘Gingerbread Man’ by Joseph Coelho. In the poem, there is a twist that generated a good conversation with the class about the effects of bullying. We looked at a new vocabulary word ‘tormentor’ and then used thesauruses to find negative words and positive words to be used in our poetry.