Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

Outstanding Catholic School(Nov 2015
Diocese of Clifton)

Teaching Staff 

Mr P Hughes - Executive Headteacher


Mrs Karen Salter- Head of School
Pupil Premium, G&T Assessment


Mr R Christian - Assistant Head
Year 6 Booster Group
Assessment G & T
Mr Christian also runs our Girls Football and Girls Cricket Clubs

 Mrs E O'Neill - SENCO
SEN, EAL, Child Protection Co-ordinator
Mrs O'Neill runs our Chess Club

Mr S Forrester - Year 6 Teacher
PE, Art and Music Co-ordinator
Mr Forrester runs Percussion Club


Sam Dowdeswell

Mrs S Dowdeswell Year 6 Teacher

Literacy Co-ordinator

Mrs Dowdeswell runs our Drama Club


Mrs J Milsom - Year 3 Teacher



Mr J Green - Year 2 Teacher
RE Co-ordinator
Mr Green runs our Football Club


Mrs Nicola Ballmann - Year 2 Teacher


Miss K Stewart - Year 1 Teacher
P\DHVR and Numeracy Co-ordinator
Miss Stewart runs our Maths Club

Marie Ouldridge 

 Mrs M Ouldridge - Year 1 Teacher
Foreign Languages Teacher
Internationalism, Geography & History Co-ordinator 




Mrs G McDowall - Year 1 Teacher
Computing, Geography & History Co-ordinator
Mrs McDowall runs our ICT Club and  one of the Art Clubs


Miss L Evans

Reception Teacher 

Ms J Rutherford
Early Years Foundation Leader

Miss Wilson

Reception Teacher